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U.S. Army Central Noncommissioned Officers Academy

November 15, 2018 — The U.S. Army Basic Leadership Course is the only thing standing between many promotable specialists and pinning the Sergeant rank on their chests. Soldiers enrolled in the redesigned BLC can expect more emphasis on the six leader core competencies: readiness, leadership, training management, communications, operations, and program management. MORE
Instructors from the U.S. Army Central Noncommissioned Officer Academy congratulate U.S. Army Soldiers graduating from the latest Basic Leader Course held at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, Oct. 17, 2018. Completing BLC is an essential task which prepares Soldiers to be more capable noncomissioned officers.

Soldiers Respond to Flooding at Camp Arifjan

November 15, 2018 — Soldiers from multiple U.S. Army units at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, joined together to respond to the flooding caused by heavy rainfall, building barriers to mitigate infrastructure damage and ensure safe, dry accommodations for personnel. MORE
Soldiers pass sandbags to one another while building a barrier to control the floodwaters near their barracks at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, November 15, 2018. The flooding came after an unusually heavy rainstorm hit the area, which has already experienced significant rain this month.

America’s Thunder Participates in Black Oryx Exercise

November 13, 2018 — Soldiers from the 65th Field Artillery Brigade (FAB) and 1st Battalion, 121st Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) participated in Exercise Black Oryx with the Jordan Armed Forces’ (JAF) 29th Royal High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) Battalion in Amman, Jordan, Oct. 24 through 25, 2018. MORE
Two Fire Direction Control vehicles from both the 1st Battalion, 121st Field Artillery Regiment and the Jordan Armed Forces provide fire direction control for the Jordan Armed Forces during exercise Black Oryx, in Amman, Jordan, Oct. 24, 2018. Black Oryx, an annual bilateral exercise, is designed to strengthen relationships and military capabilities between the U.S. and Jordan Armed Forces.

28th Infantry passes Task Force Spartan mission to 34 ID

November 12, 2018 — The 28th Infantry Division’s headquarters and headquarters battalion passed responsibility of Task Force Spartan to the 34th Infantry Division during a transfer of authority (TOA) ceremony held Nov. 12, 2018 at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. MORE
Maj. Gen. Benjamin Corell, 34th Red Bull Infantry Division commanding general and Command Sgt. Maj. Joseph Hjelmstad uncase the Division colors during a transfer of authority ceremony Nov. 12, 2018. The Minnesota National Guard unit's headquarters and headquarters battalion assumed responsibility for the Task Force Spartan mission to from the Pennsylvania National Guard's 28th Infantry Division. The 34th's HHBN is serving as a division headquarters for roughly 10,000 Soldiers conducting theater security operations in the Middle East.

Exercise Eastern Action 19 kicks off in Qatar

November 10, 2018 — Qatari and U.S. Army Central forces launched into Exercise Eastern Action 19 with the opening ceremony on Nov. 4, 2018. Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 198th Armor Regiment, 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team, Task Force Spartan, and Qatari Emiri Land Forces, combined for the ceremony and will join forces the Command Post and Field Training Exercises. MORE
U.S. and Qatari military forces participate in the opening ceremony of Exercise Eastern Action 2019, Nov. 4, 2018. Eastern Action is a U.S. Army Central led exercise conducted between U.S. and Qatari military forces to enhance interoperability and demonstrate our commitment to long-term stability in the region.

Dawn of the USARCENTury

November 9, 2018 — Since its creation, Third Army, now U.S. Army Central, has forged a legacy of excellence through the hard work, valor and sacrifices of its Soldiers. That legacy was displayed at the USARCENT Centennial celebration held at Patton Hall, November 7. MORE
Two special guests the U.S. Army Central centennial celebration held at Patton Hall, November 7, were Mr. Gerald White (left) and Mr. Vernon Brantley (right). Both served as part of Third Army during the World War II Battle of the Bulge.

USARCENT Powers Up with Renewable Energy

October 30, 2018 — Army is continually improving energy resilience and observes Energy Action Month every October to highlight various energy-related projects that secure reliable access to energy, water, and land resources that enable mission readiness. U.S. Army Central's Operational Energy Program focuses on the energy required to train, move and sustain Soldiers and weapon platforms for military operations. MORE
A Solar Light Tower harnesses the power of sunlight and wind throughout the day to power a streetlight at night at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Oct. 23, 2018. Towers like this one all over Camp Arifjan provide service members with ample lighting at night to walk, exercise, or work safely at any hour, while utilizing renewable energy.

Wisconsin Army National Guard team partners with Jordan Armed Forces

October 24, 2018 — The 157th Military Engagement Team, Wisconsin National Guard, is stationed throughout the Middle East and works extensively with partner nation militaries like the Jordan Armed Forces to foster interoperability and sustain open lines of communication. MORE
Members of the 157th Military Engagement Team, Wisconsin National Guard, listen attentively to Jordanian Armed Forces WO1 Khaled Al-Samama'h, lead mobile training team instructor, teach a combat life-save course to junior Jordanian Armed Forces, Oct. 7, 18, near Amman, Jordan. Engagements such as these allow collaboration between partner nations to maintain and build positive working relationships.

Generations of Service

October 22, 2018 — For decades, members of Lt. Col. Daniel Rempfer's family have served in different branches of the military, working in a multitude of jobs and places all over the world. With USARCENT's 100th birthday approaching, he realized he had a unique connection to the organization through his great-uncle, Pfc. Harry Rempfer. MORE

Emirati Land Forces Commander inducted to U.S. Army CGSC International Hall of Fame

October 17, 2018 — Maj. Gen. Saleh al Ameri, Commander, United Arab Emirates Land Forces became the first UAE officer inducted into the the Command and General Staff College's International Hall of Fame at the Lewis and Clark Center on Fort Leavenworth on Oct. 4. MORE

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