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NEWS | Sept. 7, 2022

U.S. Army Central National Suicide Prevention Month Message

U.S. Army Central

U.S. Army Central Teammates,

The strength of our Army comes from the strength of our people. USARCENT prioritizes the health, safety, and well-being of our great Soldiers, Civilians, and devoted Families. To emphasize this commitment, we join with the Army in observing National Suicide Prevention Month during the month of September.

The Department of Defense’s theme for this year’s observance is “Connect to Protect: Support is Within Reach.” The Army’s supporting theme is “We’re in this Together” which emphasizes the importance of strong social connections. Only through close connections and being attuned to the needs of our teammates can we achieve the Army’s goal of zero suicides.

USARCENT leaders will support prevention efforts by ensuring every individual in our organization identifies the members of their support network. By establishing a connection between these key individuals, we develop a “Golden Triangle” around all members of our formation. The Golden Triangle is the first line of defense in identifying and intervening when someone is having suicidal ideations.

If you are in crisis, help is available, including by dialing 988, the new national suicide prevention phone number. Personnel serving overseas can contact the helpline via chat by visiting the website at

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