Feature Stories

75th FAB Talk Future Partnership with Kuwaiti Field Artillery
July 22, 2020

Partnerships and Interoperability Continue Despite COVID-19 Challenges
July 22, 2020

Homemade masks help protect troops
July 21, 2020

Syrian Democratic Forces Display Strength, Capabilities through Successful Operations
July 20, 2020

Task Force Spartan and 3rd MEDCOM Tour Results of Host Nation Partnership
July 15, 2020

Ex-leader in Saudi embraces flexibility, communication
July 15, 2020

Red Devil Justice Earns Distinction
July 13, 2020

Task Force Spartan Soldiers participate in Jordanian Operational Engagement Program (JOEP) Graduation
July 11, 2020

NAVFAC Southeast awards contract for Mission Training Complex at Shaw AFB
July 9, 2020

Task Force Javelin Soldiers Awarded Combat Patch
July 8, 2020