Feature Stories

Tag: ASG-Qatar

Camp As Sayliyah Hosts Self Defense Class During Sexual Assault Awareness, Prevention Month
April 16, 2019

Dogs, Handlers Welcome New Turf Obedience Course
April 2, 2019

In Qatar, MP unit’s legacy is improved procedures for successors
April 1, 2019

National Guard Unit Transfers Security Authority at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar
March 18, 2019

Joint optometry team gives warfighters clarity
March 15, 2019

Sports Diplomacy Opens Doors in Qatar
March 7, 2019

Deployment Is Contract Specialist’s Path to Gatekeeping
March 6, 2019

Joint training strengthens Air Force, Army collaboration
February 27, 2019

Joint Air Defense Exercise sharpens skills, strengthens partnerships
February 22, 2019

Army Ground Liaison Officer connects ground intent to air action
February 21, 2019