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The mission of the 4th Battlefield Coordination Detachment (4th BCD) is to conduct liaison and interface for key operational functions, and coordination between the  US Army Central (USARCENT), as the Combined Forces Land Component  Command (CFLCC), and the US Air Forces Central (USAFCENT), as the  Combined Forces Air Component Command (CFACC), in support of landpower  requirements within the US Central Command (USCENTCOM) Area of  Responsibility (AOR) and established Combined/Joint Operations Areas (CJOAs). 4th BCD is a unique, combined arms organization that facilitates and coordinates close integration of air, space, and land forces across the USCENTCOM AOR as  the only split-based and continuously deployed BCD in the US Army conducting  operations from Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina and the Combined Air and  Space Operations Center at Al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar. The 4th BCD proudly  represents and traces its lineage with USARCENT, wearing the Third Army patch  as its shoulder sleeve insignia.





On behalf of the 4BCD Commander, welcome to AFCENT. We look forward to having you on our team. Please email your sponsor if you have any questions and need any resources upon your arrival to Shaw Air Force Base.  You'll find helpful links below concerning your PCS and information on the surrounding area. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 






The Resource Guide for Families.

The Welcome Packet is designed to provide you general information in preparation for a successful tour. 





The mission of the 4th Battlefield Coordination Detachment (BCD) is to conduct  liaison and interface for key operational functions, and coordination between US Army Central (USARCENT).






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S1 POC for newcomers:  4bcd.admin@afcent.af.mil


ADDRESS:  BLDG 1947                                                 1 Gabreski Drive                                                               Shaw AFB, SC 2912

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Lorenzo R. Carter