United States Army Central - America's land domain experts in the Middle East and Central- and South Asia - postured through enduring forward presence and robust and capable partnerships to protect US national interests in the central region - and capable of rapid transition to command joint and coalition forces to defeat emerging threats.
As Theater Army and Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC), USARCENT enables the Joint Force in named operations and partners with regional land forces to build enduring coalitions that CONSOLIDATE gains against Violent Extremist Organizations (VEOs), COUNTER Iranian malign influence, and COMPETE against Russia and China; while simultaneously RESETTING the Theater for future operations and READY to prevail in crisis response and contingency operations in support of USCENTCOM.

Recent News

Press Release: Death of a U.S. Army Central Soldier
February 12, 2024

CENTCOM Statement on Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel
October 7, 2023

Father Daughter Duo Share Inspiration to Serve
August 31, 2023
Col. Johannes Castro, the commander of the 4th Battlefield Coordination Detachment, Capt. Melissa Castro, an air battle manager assigned to 609th Air Operations Center

ARCENT Initiates Partnership in Education Program with the Sumter Community
August 29, 2023

USARCENT and IDF tour the U.S. Army Institute for Religious Leadership
June 27, 2023
U.S. Army Central stands with Israel Defense Force leaders and the U.S. Army Institute for Religious Leadership

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