A Storied Past




U.S. Army Central, formerly Third Army, is a unit rich in history and steeped in the tradition of victory on the battlefield. From its inception during the Great War to its later role as a force of occupation, Third Army maintained the hard-won peace on the Western Front.


It was during World War II that Third Army gained true notoriety by becoming the spearhead U.S. force against Germany under the leadership of the hard-charging General George S. Patton. It was Third Army who rolled back the Nazis from France all the way to Austria, and in the process, devastated Germany’s ability to fight. 


It would be almost 50 years before Third Army, now known as U.S. Army Central, found itself tested on the battlefield again. This time in the deserts of the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm.


Since that time, U.S. Army Central has led the fight during combat operation in Afghanistan and Iraq as parts of the war on terror, all the while building the security capacities of those and other nations in the region.







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