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NEWS | March 8, 2024

USARCENT’s retention team ranked top performing for Fiscal Year 2023

By Story by Sgt. Egypt Johnson U.S. Army Central

U.S. Army Central’s Retention Team received the Department of the Army Retention Excellence Award at the Headquarters Department of the Army Steering Group meeting held at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, V.A., Jan. 10, 2024.

The Retention Excellence Award is awarded for the highest overall accomplishment in strength maintenance as measured by recruiting, retention, and attrition.
“Out of eight Army Service Component Commands, we are one of two that have accomplished closing out each category of retention,” said Sgt. Maj. Rose Byrd, USARCENT Command Career Counselor.

The retention team was ranked top performing for Fiscal Year 2023, 2024, Active Component and Reserve Component mission which exceeded the Army’s goal of retaining talent. ARCENT achieved the retention mission in all categories which are Expiration Term of Service, Aggregate, Initial Term, Mid-Career, Careerist, Active Component to Reserve Component Transition.

“For Fiscal Year 2023, our accomplishment was 110% and our aggregate for Fiscal Year 2024 was 152% mission accomplishment,” said Byrd.
According to the Department of Defense, the Army has seen an overall increase in retention, despite the steady decline of new military recruits.

“Mission accomplishment means that we have a good command climate,” said Byrd, “What sets us apart is that we are here for the Soldiers. Our staff is friendly, we talk to Soldiers, and we are family oriented.”

Byrd explained that retention is the key to maintaining the force.

“There are many reasons why Soldiers decide to enlist, however, what motivates a Soldier to stay in service is very important,” said Byrd. Byrd stressed the importance of Army Career Counselors and how they help guide Soldiers through their career paths.

“You hear Soldiers talk about a plan, but then you help them realize that they haven’t thought it out or did any homework. So, you help them to realize a better plan,” said Staff Sgt. Douglas Ladd, USARCENT Career Counselor.

According to the Department of Defense, major investments of resources were made to make the Army better. Improvements to military quality of life, education and health benefits, and retention bonuses all influence a Soldier’s decision to stay in service.

“We do the contracts for the Soldiers, and we counsel them, but it takes a team, and that team requires leadership,” said Master Sgt. Robert Leitelt, USARCENT Senior Retention Operations NCO.

Leitelt explained that the Army maintains an experienced fighting force by retaining Soldiers.

“Soldiers don’t reenlist just because of an assignment, or bonus, or MOS. They reenlist because they trust the organization that they are in,” said Leitelt. Leitelt chose to be a Career Counselors to help Soldiers find their career path.

“I have some amazing Career Counselors, who set the example for Soldiers. I appreciate them for everything that they do,” said Byrd.

USARCENT supports the Army’s People Strategy organizing talent retention efforts around three objective areas: increased engagement with mentorship, career counseling, and career planning; improved talent alignment by moving Army professionals across components; and retaining the active support of those transitioning out of Army service.