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NEWS | June 20, 2023

USARCENT recognizes Sergeants Major from Jordan and UAE for induction into the International Military Student Hall of Fame

By SGT. Dwayne Bryant U.S. Army Central

FORT BLISS, Tx. -- The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy recently recognized six international graduates of the Sergeants Majors Academy by inducting them into the International Military Student Hall of Fame.

Two of the six inductees were nominated by the United States Army Central's senior leader, Command Sergeant Major J. Garza. The two partner nation senior enlisted leaders, Command Sergeant Major Hassan Ali Kaidi Karam of the United Arab Emirates Land Forces and Command Sergeant Major Salem B. Mustafa of the Jordan Armed Forces, were both honored for their outstanding service and impact in their nation's respective militaries.

"The induction of Command Sgt. Maj. Hassan and Command Sgt. Maj. Mustafa into the Sergeants Major Academy International Hall of Fame is a true testament to not only their skills and abilities, but their dedication to serve their country in the highest of enlisted capacity," said CSM J. Garza, U.S. Army Central command sergeant major. "It is an honor to serve side by side with such outstanding partner nation senior noncommissioned officers who represent the finest of the enlisted force, and I'm extremely thrilled to see them inducted today.”

The recognition of these international graduates is an important reminder of the value of collaboration and cooperation between different countries and military organizations. The United States Army's recognition of these international graduates is a testament to the power of partnership and the importance of recognizing excellence in all its forms.

“It’s needed, and it’s a requirement. It’s a requirement that we train with and receive training from our partner nations,” said Quentin J. Cormier, The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence chief international military student office director. “The benefit of the international student hall of fame, what is does it shows that the US Army recognizes those strategic nominative positions that the graduates of the sergeants majors course go out and now are able to receive those positions.”

The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence International Student Hall of Fame was founded on June 26, 2009, with the aim of recognizing and honoring international students who have achieved the highest positions in their respective nations armed forces or who have held equivalent positions in multi-national military organizations. The Hall of Fame provides a prestigious and visible means of recognition to these exceptional individuals, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, dedication, and commitment to service.

USARCENT deepens military partnerships by conducting approximately twenty military exercises with our partners per year. The Command also conducts more than two hundred theater security cooperation events with seventeen nations including symposiums, conferences, and educational exchanges. Mutually beneficial partnerships and alliance architectures are our greatest strategic advantage.