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Feature Stories

NEWS | April 7, 2021

Area Support Group Jordan Helps Advise Jordan Forces

By Story by Sgt. Justin Stannard Area Support Group - Jordan

Jordan- Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force- Crisis Response-Central Command (India Company V3/1), 130th Field Artillery Brigade, Area Support Group Jordan, and Task Force Spartan provided guidance and advising to the Jordanian Armed Forces Quick Reaction Brigade and the 77th Royal Jordanian Marine Battalion during a live-fire exercise in April.

The training exercise consisted of seven consecutive days of planning, rehearsing, and executing to ensure a successful mission. This training
exercise was a culmination of years of training between U.S. military and Jordanian Armed Forces Soldiers through a continued partnership that only strengthened after every meeting.

Two Solders from Area Support Group Jordan (ASG-J), Sgm. Smith, and Maj. Emmens, partook in the training to provide their expertise in artillery and offer assistance. Both have previous experience in artillery, Sgm. Smith and Maj. Emmens were excited to attend, and have an opportunity to be back on the gun line, even if it was only in an advising role.

The Quick Reaction Brigade consisted of a mortar team, and an artillery team, while the 77th Royal Jordanian Marine Battalion consisted of a
maneuver element, as well as a sniper and a machine gun team from elevated positions overlooking the maneuvering element.

The live fire began on the third day of the training and continued until the end of mission. Artillery fired 105mm rounds and the mortars fired 81mm rounds. With a team located in view of both artillery and mortars, as well as the targeted area, missions were discussed and pushed out to their respective teams to showcase the level of knowledge the Jordanian forces have, and the enthusiasm they had for their training.

Jordan and the United States have a strong and enduring partnership in regards to joint training and exercises such as this further cements the