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Feature Stories

NEWS | April 8, 2021

Father and son serve overseas with the 130th Field Artillery Brigade, Kansas Army National Guard

By Story by Capt. Patrick Montandon 130th Field Artillery Brigade

The 130th Field Artillery Brigade does it’s best to treat each other as family. At times this is easier said than done, but for two Redlegs, it’s literally quite natural. Sgt 1st Class Christopher Duwayne Dame is deployed with his son Spc. Christopher Allen Dame in the United States Army Central Command area of responsibility. They had different paths leading to their decision to join the military, but both have experienced positive outcomes and are proud to serve.

Christopher Duwayne Dame joined in 2001 on a whim after seeing a television ad for the Kansas National Guard. He had completed only a few weeks of basic training before 9/11. This is his third deployment. He is currently the brigade’s ammunition noncommissioned officer tracking and distributing ammo within theater.

He has three sons Christopher, Donald (twins), Braden (who joined the Navy last year) and one daughter, Kimber. All his boys would be in the military were it not for medical reasons preventing one from service. It would also be remiss not to mention the role his spouse has played over nearly 20 years of service.

“The backbone of my family is my wife 100%” explained Dame. “She is an amazing woman. No matter what I’ve chosen to do in my military career she has stood behind me 110% and has never balked once about it… She been through thick and thin with me, and without her I couldn’t do it. She’s very supportive of my boys in the military too, so she’s the one that does it.”

A key factor for Christopher Allen Dame’s decision to join the service was seeing the longstanding example his father set. Ever since he was a two-year-old his father has served. His father deployed to Iraq when he was four years old. Spc. Dame would later attend drill with his dad over the years.

“I remember we took a couple PT tests with them, me and my brothers. So, it’s something I’m kind of used to already…The atmosphere,” explained Spc. Dame.

There wasn’t much physical or mental hardening needed prior to initial training as his father recalls “My boys grew up tough!”

They rodeoed and wrestled and “knew what hard work was.” There was a level of discipline that matched the military lifestyle. Still, he gave his son, space to find his own way and wasn’t overbearing when they eventually showed up to their first drill together.

“It was kind of funny because he came to the unit and the first thing I did, because I was the platoon sergeant, was say, ‘you’re not even in my platoon! Get over to the other platoon’….you need to go do your thing and you don’t need dad over the top of you!”

Spc. Dame initially served as a 13B, army cannon crewmember, until recently completing a three-month course at Camp Blanding, Florida to become a 14G, air defense battle management system operator. His duties include clearing air for fire missions and providing situational awareness for other air threats in the region.

Spc. Dame described how he feels he made a good decision to join his dad.

“I’ve had a really positive time so far in the guard. A lot of cool experiences. I’ve seen a lot of things…and being in with my dad it means a lot…getting to jump in with him, it’s pretty cool.”

“We have a great cohesive unit. We really do,” says Sgt. 1st Class Dame.
The Dames have been incredible additions to the 130th team. The entire family is an example of commitment and sacrifice. Military heritage is often a family affair and the Dames have proudly demonstrated that.