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Feature Stories

NEWS | April 13, 2021

Deployed Soldier dominates ACFT, but finishes humbled

By Capt. Travis Mueller

Spc. Angelo Brunetti is considered by many to be one of the fittest Soldiers in the Army.

He recently scored 599 on the new Army Combat Fitness Test, missing a perfect score of 600 by just one second on the sprint-drag-carry event.

The ACFT is notorious for being harder to get a perfect score on than the older Army Physical Fitness Test. The fact that Brunetti came within one point, while on deployment, has earned him the respect of Soldiers beyond his unit, including Lt. Gen. Paul Calvert. The commanding general of Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve personally presented Brunetti a certificate of excellence.

But being one point away from a max score has left him hungry.

“Being one point away definitely made me question whether or not I gave it all I had,” said Brunetti. “It was humbling to know that there’s always room for improvement no matter how small.”

He says that even though he prioritizes fitness in his lifestyle, he doesn’t adhere to a strict diet. He admits it is a weak link that he should focus on more, currently just trying to eat more healthy food than junk food.

However, Brunetti credits his boxing background for his fitness prowess, something his father got him into five years ago.

“My boxing trainer always stressed the importance of balance in fitness,” said Brunetti. “You have to train strength as much as you do conditioning, and vice versa. A strict balanced fitness routine leaves less room for weak points.”

Brunetti is a UH-60 helicopter repairer currently deployed with Bravo Company, 628th Aviation Support Battalion, 28th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade.