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Feature Stories

NEWS | Jan. 23, 2021

Commanding General of Task Force Spartan, Major General Patrick Hamilton and Chief of Staff, Colonel Michael Hunt Operate the Theater Engineer Brigade's Massive D9 Dozer.

By (Courtesy article) 16th Engineer Brigade Public Affairs

On a chilly Saturday morning, a group of Soldiers from the Theater Engineer Brigade's 891st Engineer Battalion Forward Support Company (FSC) drove up to a Zone 6 lot on Camp Arifjan. At the head of this group was a D9 Dozer operated by Sgt. Jeremiah Hoesli. Arriving early, these Soldiers set up the site they would be utilizing, staging the Dozer and performing preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS). The goal of the day was to give a proper demonstration of the D9’s operations and capabilities to Major General Patrick Hamilton, the Commanding Officer of the 36th Infantry Division, and Colonel Michael Hunt, the Chief of Staff of the 36th Infantry Division.

Weighing 54-tons, the D9 Dozer is an armored bulldozer that is well over twice the weight of its more often used predecessor, the D7 Dozer. The D9 is also much larger in size than the D7, standing over four feet taller and over eight feet longer than its predecessor. Two Soldiers can fit into the cab of the D9 and both are protected by armor plating and thick glass.

Sgt. Hoesli was the subject matter expert on site regarding the D9 dozer. “Due to the power and size of it, you can push a lot more, a lot faster.” He said, referencing the D9’s 452-horsepower engine and 14ft blade. Sgt. Hoesli had the opportunity to instruct Maj Gen. Hamilton and Col. Hunt how to work the dozer and giving them the chance to get behind the sticks to operate. “They liked it, they definitely had a lot of fun with it.” Sgt. Hoesli said, his statement proven by both Maj Gen. Hamilton and Col. Hunt having exited the cab of the D9 with wide smiles, certainly having enjoyed their time with the vehicle.