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Feature Stories

NEWS | Sept. 9, 2020

U.S. Army JAGs Meet with Jordanian Military Judges

By Story by Sgt. Trevor Cullen Task Force Spartan

U.S. Army Attorneys and Paralegals positioned in Jordan met with military judges from the Jordanian Armed Forces for a subject matter expert exchange.

These exchanges came in the way of presentations where U.S. and Jordanian forces spoke on different topics, from understanding U.S. law to how Jordanians combat terror through legislation.

“My role was to present on the difference between military justice and the civilian sector,” said Capt. Helen Nieman, the chief of legal assistance. “Jordan is an ally and in order to build bonds, we have to have frank discussions.”

These frank discussions included talks on real-world issues.

“Unfortunately, our countries have a lot of experience combating terrorism,” said Capt. Patrick Scotti, a military attorney with Task Force Spartan, who presented on international law to prevent and combat terrorism. “We can fight terror on the battlefield, but if we don’t look at why people join terrorist organizations, we will never win the war on terror,” said Scotti.

Over the three-day long symposium, multiple presenters led the symposium into similar deep discussions.

“It went well, everyone got their points across,” said Neiman. “The interpreters did a great job .”

Presenting to an audience of people might be difficult even through an interpreter, but there are still ways to get point across, like Hollywood blockbusters.

“It is very much like the movie Behind Enemy Lines,” said one Jordanian participant relating a scenario in the movie to international law and the military justice topics presented.

“They were welcoming and embraced the exchange of information,” said Warrant Officer Liza Bauer, a senior legal administrator. “I think subject matter expert exchanges and meetings of the intellectual minds are important.”

“This is my third symposium, and I am glad to meet and spend time with our allies,” said Lt. Col. Muwafaq Al-Masaid, a Jordanian military judge and guest speaker. “Thank you for your attention. In my presentation, I wanted to show the main issues the Jordan Legislature is fighting against.”

It’s important to know these issues do not only affect only one group or nation.

“At every legal symposium, we benefit from the U.S. side and the legal experience this side has in combating terrorism,” said Al-Masaid. “This type of cooperation would serve to fight against international terrorism.”

“It was an honor to come here with our JAF counterparts,” said Col. Andrew Caliendo, the officer-in-charge of Task Force Spartan forces in Jordan. “Events like this bind us together and make lasting bonds.”

“I would like to express my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the U.S. Armed Forces in cooperating,” said Al-Masaid. “I look forward to more cooperation in the future.”