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NEWS | July 22, 2020

75th FAB Talk Future Partnership with Kuwaiti Field Artillery

By Story by Sgt. Andrew Valenza Task Force Spartan

The partnership between the U.S. and Kuwaiti military started back during Operation Desert Storm. Nearly three decades later, this partnership continues with units like the U.S. Army's 75th Field Artillery Brigade.

On July 15, Col. Ryan McCormack, commander of the 75th FAB, met with senior leaders within the Kuwait Field Artillery to discuss future partnership opportunities while the 75th is deployed to the CENTCOM area of responsibility in support of Operation Spartan Shield.

"The goal of the key leader engagement yesterday was to continue to build upon the great relationship that previous field artillery brigades created with the Kuwaiti Land Forces field artillery headquarters and their leadership," said McCormack. "Additionally, both sides wanted to reiterate our intent to continue and build upon the training events conducted last year."

All training to be conducted by the 75th and Kuwaiti Land Forces were coordinated by units that have come before them.

"We anticipate building on the proficiency developed from the exercises and training events conducted last year," McCormack said. "Last year's Dasman II live fire was a resounding and impressive success for both the Kuwaitis and the U.S. We aim to build upon this success with additional training events that continue to develop joint fires proficiency and lethality."

These exercises are hands-on training events that created a more ready fighting, and defensive force, for both U.S. and Kuwaiti armies.

"Both [Brig. Gen. Al-Shualah] and I agree that the best way to build lethality is through tough and realistic training that challenges our leaders and their Soldiers," said McCormack. "We will exercise our command and control systems, conduct artillery live-fire exercises, and coordinate fire support activities allowing us to integrate with maneuver forces."

McCormack was eager to engage with Brig. Gen. Khaled Al-Shualah of the Kuwaiti military.

"Brig. Gen Khaled Al-Shualah has a wonderful reputation as a smart and proficient leader and warrior," McCormack said. "You can tell that his leadership and experience drives and inspires excellence through his organization. I look forward to learning from him, and his experiences as a leader in combat and also the challenges and opportunities associated with commanding a superb organization such as the Kuwaiti Land Forces field artillery headquarters."

This trip had been the second time Al-Shualah and McCormack had met. From those two meetings, Al-Shualah had a good sense of the relationship they would have, and what that meant for the partnership.

"I feel Col. McCormack is friendly, and there will be a good relationship in the future between forces," said Al-Shualah.

McCormack says that by the end of the 75th's deployment, he hopes that people recognize the strong relationship each nation has with each other, and the power that has over their potential agressors.

"I want our friends, like the Kuwaitis, and our adversaries, to know that the U.S. military is a partner of choice in the region," said McCormack. "I want all of our friends and partners to know that we are great teammates and that providing security and creating deterrence is easier when you have good friends.”