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NEWS | Dec. 13, 2019

Coordination and continuty key to military assistance program

By Story by Staff Sgt. Erin Johns Task Force Spartan

Building relationships in Southwest Asia require in-person meetings, growing knowledge, continued partnerships and security cooperation.

"Continuing our relationship with the Royal Jordanian Air Force was our main focus with this visit. In the future, we will be coordinating efforts and sharing knowledge, leading to a continuous, consistent relationship deepening relationships within both forces," said Col. Mark Brozak, Task Force Spartan Aviation Director.

Engagement teams with Task Force Spartan from the 38th Infantry Division, provide a foundation for consistent training in different military disciplines while coordinating with other countries in Southwest Asia.

"Most of this squadron went to the states. Americans gain an insight into our culture and idea differences when we participate in the military assistance program," said Hisham Alkharabsheh, Royal Jordanian Air Force, 8th Squadron.

"I've learned so much in the States that I want to help them any way I can. The good thing about the military assistance program has given me opportunities to travel and experience the states. Just exchanging culture is a form of education for both forces," continued Hisham Alkharabsheh.

Task Force Spartan units with the Army Reserve 8th Battalion, 229th Aviation Regiment, and the Minnesota Army National Guard 1st Battalion, 189th Combat Support Aviation assigned to Task Force Warhawk, the 244th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade met for a diplomatic meeting with the Royal Jordanian Air Force 8th Squadron Commander providing a seamless transition operationally.

Jordanian Royal Air Forces work with Task Force Spartan on refueling operations and a 500-hour aviation maintenance rodeo to keep aircraft safely mission-capable.

Since 2015 the United States has increased efforts to deepen our military relationships with Jordanian Forces, providing consistent training and security cooperation to promote Jordan stabilizing the region.

When the two commands meet, they share common ground through knowledge on various aircraft tactics, procedures and policies.

The military assistance program provides opportunities for Task Force Spartan and Royal Jordanian Air Force teams to deepen their knowledge, build lasting relationships and defend the Southwest Asia region from aggressors.