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NEWS | July 29, 2019

U.S. Army Central Holds Relinquishment of Responsibility Ceremony

By Staff Sgt. Matthew Britton U.S. Army Central

United States Army Central (USARCENT / Third Army) held a relinquishment of responsibility ceremony July 29, 2019 at Lucky Park outside of the command’s headquarters on Shaw Air Force Base. USARCENT’s senior enlisted advisor, Sgt. Maj. Curt Cornelison, relinquished his leadership roles and responsibility after serving in the command for 16 months.

Cornelison was selected to serve as the senior enlisted advisor for U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), a 4-star command located at Fort Bragg, N.C., and largest U.S. Army command with more than 750,000 Active Army, U.S. Army Reserve and U.S. Army National Guard Soldiers.

With his selection and new position, Cornelison will once again serve alongside Gen. Michael Garrett, former commander of USARCENT and current commander of FORSCOM.

During his tenure, Cornelison played a vital role at USARCENT’s headquarters, as well as its area of operations. He advised the commander, instilled discipline and set the standard for all to emulate and follow.

Lt. Gen. Terry Ferrell, commanding general of USARCENT, presided over the ceremony.

“After 29 years in the Army, 16 months at this job, no one’s done it better,” said Ferrell.

“You are the sergeant major who understands what Soldiers need, Non-Commissioned officers need, and more importantly, what the total force needs. Our partners are better today because of you. You have made this headquarters better as you depart.”

Ferrell also touched on Cornelison’s impact throughout USARCENT’s area of operations.

“We bid farewell to one of the finest senior Non-Commissioned officers that I have personally had the privilege to serve with, in 35 years. We bid farewell to a warrior. Given where we are today in this command, given where we are today in this region, if there’s one thing we need in this command, one thing we need in this region, it’s warriors. Because who knows, we could be at war tonight. So we need people like Curt. We need Sgt. Maj. Cornelison to be at the forefront as a Non-Commissioned officer.”

Cornelison thanked his fellow leaders at USARCENT, Shaw Air Force Base and the Sumter community.

“To the officers, NCOS, Soldiers and civilians of our staff directorates, you are truly the unsung heroes of USARCENT,” said Cornelison. “To our United States Airforce brothers and sisters who run Shaw Airforce Base, thank you for taking care of our Soldiers and families.”

During his time at USARCENT, Cornelison formed strong bonds with the community of Sumter, S.C. He took time to share his appreciation and express his gratitude.

“To our local partners and friends within the city of Sumter, thank you so much for your outstanding support,” said Cornelison. “I’ve been all over in the Army and have rarely seen anything like the friendship and support that come from your community.”

Although Cornelison is moving on to a new position, at a higher command, “Even though I’m leaving during a critical time, I am not worried,” said Cornelison. “Third Army is historically known for tackling our nation’s toughest problems and winning. As Gen. George S. Patton Jr. Famously said, ‘I am a Soldier. I fight where I am told and I win where I fight.’"