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Feature Stories

NEWS | June 22, 2019

USARCENT Hosts Safety Fair in Kuwait

By Sgt. Zachary Mott U.S. Army Central

Safety is becoming a habit for Soldiers and civilians at Camp Arfijan, Kuwait, as the U.S. Army Central’s 101 Critical Days of Summer safety program is in full swing. The ARCENT Safety Office hosted a safety fair June 21 to focus on seven specific safety areas.

Attendees were presented information on ways to be safe when encountering hot weather, hazards in the workplace, fire and electrical dangers, participating in sports and weight training, handling weapons, driving in Kuwait and behavioral health.

“I wanted to make it fun, I wanted to make it effective and I wanted everybody to be included and to take away something from this fair,” said Master Sgt. Vernitta Thomas, safety noncommission officer in charge, U.S. Army Central. “We’re here essentially to help the commander’s be aware of what’s going on in the unit and help them to mitigate any hazards, deficiencies that they may have.”

The safety fair focused on dangers people may face while in Kuwait. For Soldiers who recently arrived, this served as an eye-opener to potential hazards that differ from typical Army-related dangers.

“I learned about the different traffic laws in Kuwait. I didn’t know that it was kind of dangerous to drive over here,” said Sgt. Dieufort Myrthil, utilities equipment repair, 77th Sustainment Brigade. “It’s situational awareness to just have information about how the environment is here and to give them an idea of what the environment is like and the proper precautions to take when they go out. Especially if they’re driving.”

Thomas organized the safety fair to coincide with National Safety Month and to serve as a push to ARCENTs 101 Critical Days of Summer program.

“I got all of the safety offices on post together and told them about a vision that I had and that they can incorporate this and bring awareness to their Soldiers during this month for those Soldiers coming in and out of theater,” she said.