NEWS | April 3, 2019

Minnesota Red Bulls Share in Social Softball Games with Kuwaiti Community

By Sgt. Bill Boecker 34th Infantry Division

With a swift swing of the arm and release of the softball, U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Charles Kemper, the Deputy Commanding General for Support of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division and Task Force Spartan threw the ceremonial pitch to commence an off-duty softball social event between service members of Task Force Spartan and the local Kuwaiti community on March 15, 2019 at the Hunting and Equestrian Club in Kuwait.

Behind home plate to receive the first pitch was retired U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Dan Treash, the assistant manager of the Kuwait Baseball and Softball Club.

It’s a great opportunity for the military community to come together with the local community and bond over a game in the spirit of sportsmanship, said Treash. This community building event was put together by LivinQ8 and KBSC who invited service members to participate.

Capitalizing on the opportunity, Task Force Spartan’s Every Soldier’s an Ambassador Program formed four teams to include a joint forces team that consisted of personnel from the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy. These teams competed against a Kuwaiti, Japanese and two other mixed club teams from the Kuwait Baseball Club.

To take the event to another level and through coordination with the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division, the Division’s Red Devil Rock Band provided more entertainment for the special evening during a two-week annual training tour throughout Kuwait. The Red Devil Rock Band performs covers of popular songs and gear their music to the anticipated crowd.

“This was an extraordinary evening,” said Treash. “With a lot more people of course with more than 100 TFS service members in attendance, which has created a great atmosphere.”

The event brought people of all ages, nationality and gender, encouraging participation within the sport and local support for the activities. Soldiers are encouraged to develop a pathway for Community Outreach and Social Partnerships with Sporting Events as part of Every Soldier’s an Ambassador program.