NEWS | Aug. 27, 2018

USARCENT celebrates Women’s Equality

By Staff Sgt. Christal Crawford U.S. Army Central

The right for women to vote with the passing of the 19th amendment laid the groundwork for female trailblazers to reach new heights. Soldiers and civilians at U.S. Army Central celebrated the accomplishments of women with the Women’s Equality Day observance in Patton Hall Wednesday. 


“I think today the most important part as women, is just understanding really who we are and what our worth is, and I think that once all of us are secure in knowing who we are, then we can stand together confidently and push the movement further along.” Said Dr. Krystal Conner, who currently serves as CEO of the company her father started.


Conner was invited to speak about how women of the 21st century can continue to move forward and break down barriers.


Women continue to break down gender barriers, but the work isn’t finished. In the U.S. Army, women make up just 18 percent of the officer corps and 14 percent of the enlisted force. The Women’s Equality Day observance gave a chance for everyone to reflect on individual roles in promoting equality to build a stronger nation.


The ceremony ended with Command. Sgt. Maj. Joseph C. Cornelison, the USARCENT command sergeant major, presenting the Equal Opportunity Award of Appreciation to Conner for taking time to speak at the observance and for the work she’s put in to advance women in the professional arena.


“I challenge you all to look for ways you can continue to promote gender equality,” Cornelison said.