NEWS | Aug. 7, 2018

U.S., Kuwait Land Forces refine communication

By Staff Sgt. Thomas Bixler Task Force Spartan

Task Force Spartan and Kuwait Land Forces soldiers partnered with their staff-level counterparts for the Desert Observer command post exercise July 30. Command post exercises allow units to implement their protocols during a scenario and examine their efficiency.

The staff reacts to the situations to determine where they can improve. Testing procedures becomes even more important when working with a foreign country that may have different ways of performing the same task; then there is the language.

“These exercises that we do really show the difference the language barrier plays in our operations,” said Maj. Joshua Howard, training-exercise planner, 28th Infantry Division, Task Force Spartan. “Knowing that you need to have a linguist in certain locations so that you can effectively communicate with your counterparts is key.”

This is the second iteration of the Desert Observer exercise, with the first occurring just last year. Howard says these joint exercises are critical in bolstering the ability of the two countries to suppress any would-be aggressor.

“The main mission is for us to work together with our partner nation and know that we can come here on a moment’s notice and be able to support them in maintaining regional stability,” said Howard.