NEWS | July 16, 2018

155th Armored Brigade Combat Team Assumes Operational Authority

By Spc. Adam Parent U.S. Army Central

The 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored Division, hosted a ceremony in which they transferred authority of their area of operation to the 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team, Mississippi Army National Guard at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, July 15, 2018.

The 2nd BDE, 1st AD, has spent nine months in Kuwait training with other U.S. Army units and with partner nation forces in the area of operations.

“This brigade has had an outstanding opportunity to train to fight, to get better at our craft,” said U.S. Army Col. Chad Chalfont, commander of the 2nd BDE, 1st AD.

Chalfont described the important work his brigade accomplished during their deployment by building readiness within U.S. Army Central through cooperating with local partner forces and training at Camp Buehring.

“We as an army have some of the best equipment, if not the best equipment on the planet,” said Chalfont. “And the opportunity to employ it here, to gather our teams to train, and get better at our craft every day is at the heart of what we've done here for Operation Spartan Shield.”

The incoming commander of the 155th ABCT, U.S. Army Col. Robert Ferguson, said that his unit is going to build on the foundations laid down by 2nd BDE, 1st AD, and continue their success.

“The 155 is the first armored brigade combat team from the National Guard to take the OSS mission,” said Ferguson. “We are ready to do what we need to do to increase our credibility, to enhance the mission, and to answer whatever mission is given to us.”