NEWS | July 10, 2018

Sisters in Arms

By Staff Sgt. Christal Crawford U.S. Army Central

In the fall of 2012, the Sister in Arms program a professional development forum was established at U.S. Army Central. While named Sister in Arms, it’s not exclusive to female Soldiers, but it’s in recognition and acknowledgement of issues unique to female Soldiers of all ranks. 


The program held a general session in the Yellow Ribbon room of Patton hall to re-introduce what Sisters in Arms is intended for. Sisters in Arms is a professional forum in which female service members, DA Civilians and contractors empower each other to be successful through leadership, education, training, and mentoring. 


“For me, it’s an opportunity to be mentored by and mentor other Soldiers in ARCENT. We’re all imperfect and each of us has something to give to the other, such a forum gives me an opportunity to give back and it also gives me an opportunity to learn from my fellow Soldiers in ARCENT.” said Maj. Iana Daniels, the Kuwait Construction Program Manager for the USARCENT Engineer Directorate. 


The general session provided an opportunity for open and honest dialogue on issues specific to female Soldiers. It also encouraged community involvement by collaborating with the local chamber of commerce and community service partners.


The guest speaker and champion of the Sisters in Arms program is Brig. Gen. Lee Gray, the Deputy Commanding General for Reserve Affairs and the Director of the Army Reserve Engagement Cell at ARCENT. 


“I’m honored by this opportunity to be a champion for Sisters in Arms, because I have a passion for mentoring and coaching future leaders. I take my position very seriously to be able to offer a sounding board and provide discussion points in hope of helping someone else.” said Gray.

Sisters in Arms has committees for outreach, mentoring, education and treasury for Soldiers who want to be involved.