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Feature Stories

NEWS | May 9, 2018

Texas Congressmen visit Soldiers at Camp Arifjan

By Sgt. Thomas Crough U.S. Army Central

U.S. Representatives John R. Carter, 31st District of Texas, and Roger Williams, 25th District of Texas, visited Soldiers at Camp Arifjan as part of a Congressional delegation, May 4, 2018.

“We are here today to say thanks to all of our troops and those who work with our troops,” said Rep. Williams. “I represent a portion of Fort Hood. We got to see our Fort Hood Soldiers, we got to talk Texas to them. We got to even give them a Texas flag. We are here today to also understand the good that we are doing.”

The Representatives visited different units on a tour of Camp Arifjan where they learned about equipment and facilities and spent time with Soldiers.

“I believe it’s important for the Congressmen to come see facilities like this because it informs them and lets them know exactly where their tax money and all the other government funds are being spent,” explained Sgt. 1st Class Cedric Griffin, contracting officer representative and quality assurance inspector, 401st Army Field Support Brigade. “Actually what the results are and how they benefit us as a whole, not just the military, the U.S. as a whole.” 

We’ve got the best, we’ve got the brightest, and just being here today shows that to me.Rep. Roger Williams, 25th District of Texas

The benefits of Camp Arifjan were not lost on the Congressmen.

“We got a great location here. We are able to help our allies and at the same time defend them at the appropriate time,” elaborated Rep. Williams. “It’s really amazing, the facilities we got here. Everything from the buildings, computers, athletic fields … I’m so impressed also, not necessarily with the physical plant but with the people … We’ve got the best, we’ve got the brightest, and just being here today shows that to me.”

The Soldiers here on Camp Arifjan also took away something from the experience.

“It was actually nice. It’s nice to actually interact with somebody that I know is from the State of Texas, what they do, and to see them actually functioning in the job,” said Griffin.

By the end of the day, the official party visited an Army Prepositioned Stock 5 warehouse, a Patriot missile site, the Forensic Exploitation Lab, and had lunch with Soldiers from Texas, participated in a Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Demonstration, and received a brief and tour of U.S. Army Central’s headquarters.

“With the flexibility of equipment and the manpower, I mean it’s not just a camp …. It’s one of those things you’ve got to see this to believe it …” emphasized Rep. Williams. “It’s more than just a camp. It’s a base of freedom and a base of liberty.”