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Feature Stories

NEWS | Nov. 5, 2017

Jordanian, U.S. partnership revamps noncommissioned officer training

By Sgt. 1st Class Ty McNeeley U.S. Army Central

Noncommissioned Officers from the Jordanian and U.S. Armies met to share experiences and enhance the curriculum of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army NCO Academy Nov. 5.

The group of experienced soldiers discussed the future of the Jordanian NCO Corps and laid out the plans for the development of a comprehensive overhaul of the current training system.

This meeting, the first of many in the development of the new course, was led by Command Sgt. Maj. Mohammad Al-Smadi, Commandant of the JAF NCO Academy.

“It’s all about our friendship, (making) it stronger,” Al-Smadi said. “We have a unique friendship with the Americans here. We are focusing on the military issues and NCO Corps. This is the center of gravity for the whole military. To make a change in our military we have to focus on this school.”

He continued, “The long-term goal for this project is to enhance the NCO Corps and JAF, give it more power in our military and take the trust of our officers to work with us as a team. Building a team with our officers is essential to achieve any objective or mission in the field and to even make the nation feel more proud about the NCOs.”

The meeting was also attended by Army Sgt. Maj. Patricia Wahl with the Military Assistance Program – Jordan.

“The U.S. Army Central team is currently working with the Jordanian instructors here at the Academy developing scenario-based exercises to help mentor and teach their young noncommissioned officers,” said Wahl.

After three days of collaboration, the team of NCOs from the Jordan Armed Forces working with the 648th Military Engagement Team, Georgia Army National Guard, put the final pieces into the revamped program of instruction.

“We discussed the way forward of what their expectations were of us,” said Sgt. 1st Class Branden Montero. “We discussed what we could provide as a MET team with a continuing effort here in Jordan.”

Montero and Sgt. Maj. Ali Ismail M. Almanmasreh from the JAF NCO Academy finished the planning process with a briefing that laid out the plan for moving forward. As the Jordanian military enhances its NCO Corps, both the U.S. Army and Jordan Armed Forces said they look forward to seeing the effects of their work in the planning process.

“In 2010 we started toward that development of the NCO,” said Ali. “We have now the Sergeant Major of the Army, and we have the commandant of the NCO Academy [who is an] NCO so we made a big step toward that development.”

“My favorite thing has been seeing that the pride and the focus that the U.S. NCO has is exactly the same thing that the Jordanian NCO has,” said Montero. “There is no difference. Basically, there might be a difference in curriculum, but as far as the drive and determination, it’s exactly the same.”

“I’m very thankful for everyone from our allies in the United States Army, especially the NCOs, and I am thankful for sharing the experience, thankful for them sharing their knowledge,” said Ali. “We are looking for more so that we can build our NCOs to be the best.”