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NEWS | Aug. 7, 2017

Antiterrorism Awareness Month

By Lt. Gen Michael X. Garrett U.S. Army Central

Soldiers, Civilians, and Family Members,

August marks the Anny's eighth annual observance of Antiterrorism Awareness Month.

The purpose of Antiterrorism Awareness Month is to instill heightened awareness and vigilance to protect critical assets and personnel by preventing acts of terrorism .


The terrorist threats we face today are extremely complex.The awareness of terrorist threats and the application of personal protective measures remain paramount.


The focus areas planned for this year include:recognizing and reporting suspicious activity, understanding the threat associated with violent extremism and providing the Anny community with violent extremism awareness infonnation, and educating the Army community on the rules associated with ownership and use of unmanned aerial systems.


As one team, we must ensure all USARCENT members remain vigilant and are able to report indicators of unusual behavior in our community and throughout our area of operations.


Finally, I encourage leaders at all levels to share their antiterrorism experience, emphasize the importance of suspicious activity reporting, and improve our antiterrorism plans and programs.


One of my four enduring priorities is "Protect the Force"and this can only be accomplished with the support and involvement of all USARCENT members. Remember, See Something...Sny Something - others are depending on you!


    Patton's Own! Third, Always First!

                                                                                     Michael X. Garrett

                   Lieutenant General, U.S.Army Commanding