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Feature Stories

NEWS | Jan. 30, 2017

Life as an Army Mariner

By Sgt. Aaron Ellerman U.S. Army Central

More than 30 Army Mariners embarked on a multi-day transport mission aboard the Army logistic support vessel Maj. Gen. Charles P. Gross from Kuwait Naval Base on Jan. 19, 2017.

The mariners hauled cargo to Qatar from Port of Shuaiba, Kuwait and transported another load during the return.

While underway the mariners practiced several maritime emergency response exercises including man overboard, fire, and battle drills. The crew consisted of watercraft operators, engineers, cooks, and medics however each member is trained to perform several tasks outside the scope of their duty specialty in case of an emergency situation.

While underway the majority of the crew operates under a split work schedule working in rotating four-hour shifts with eight hours of rest in between. When not on watch the Mariners passed the time by conducting physical training in their makeshift gym, fishing, watching movies, and sleeping.

Army watercraft operations have the capability to project and sustain combat power throughout the world and provide a logistical transportation alternative while saving millions of dollars through cost avoidance.