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Feature Stories

NEWS | Oct. 12, 2020

Engagement Builds Joint and Bilateral JAG Partnerships

By Story by Sgt. Trevor Cullen Task Force Spartan

ARIFJAN, Kuwait – During a recent key leader engagement in the Central Command area of responsibility military judges and attorneys from the U.S. and Kuwait met to share best practices and information.
“Today we took part in a legal exchange with Kuwait JAG and brigade commanders,” said Task Force Spartan Staff Judge Advocate Col. Jude Mulvey.
This exchange brought over 30 members of the Kuwait Land Forces with judge advocates from two U.S. military branches and three major commands.
“As legal advisers it is important to be a part of this because it affects our host nation partners and bilateral agreement,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. Marisol Salviejo a judge advocate representing U.S. Army Central.

Salviejo also said learning about the composition and capabilities of the Kuwait Land Force JAG Corps from them is vital to developing a successful relationship with the Kuwait Land Forces and the nation of Kuwait.
During the meeting both sides explained their roles in their respective command structure.
“We are advisers to the commander,” said Mulvey. “We let them know the legal ramifications of certain decisions.”
These decisions can span from legal actions against Soldiers to battlefield operations.
The JAG is involved in Targeting Effects Working Groups and Targeting Boards, said Maj. Joshua Goering, a judge advocate with Task Force Spartan. “They play a role in the targeting process, advising what areas or buildings have protected status.”
“Today we had the brigade commanders here,” said Kuwait Land Forces Col. Salman R. Al- Oslab. “It was great for them to see what we do and can provide.”

Through this advice JAGs have proven themselves to be assets to the commander.
“Judge advocates are force multipliers to commanders. They allow the commanders to make more informed decisions. JAG’s are integrated in the military decision-making process at the brigade level and higher,” said Mulvey. “The Kuwait Land Forces JAG mirror this.”
The U.S contingent were not the only ones to benefit from this exchange.
“The Kuwait JAG look to use our experience to make their force better and increase operational integration,” said Mulvey. “We [the U.S.] get a lot out of this, we get an understanding of a different military system.”
These differences do not serve to separate both country’s JAG.
“We are united by international law,” said Capt. Robinson Lingo, a judge advocate with Task Force Spartan. “There are areas in international law where we can come together and share understanding.”
This understanding can serve to strengthen the bonds between both countries.
“Our mission is partnerships,” said Lt. Col. Michael Pratt, a Judge Advocate with U.S. Army Central. “ARCENT is committed to partnerships throughout the CENTCOM area of responsibility. Symposiums like this are key to keeping those partnerships strong.”
Symposiums like this can build relationships that can last longer than any unit stays in the AOR. 

“Kuwait has been a key strategic partner in the AOR,” said Platt. “Any work we do with them is time well spent!”