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Feature Stories

NEWS | Sept. 1, 2020

Task Force Spartan Hosts Jordanian Armed Forces for Desert Yankee

By Story by Sgt. Trevor Cullen Task Force Spartan

Task Force Spartan Soldiers recently showed their partners from the Jordan Armed Forces that command and control of thousands of Soldiers on the move is not only a possibility but a reality.

During recent command post operations, Col. Andrew Caliendo, officer in charge of Task Force Spartan’s forces in Jordan, showcased Task Force Spartan’s Mobile Command Post to their partners with the Jordan Armed Forces.

“We were able to give our JAF counterparts an overview of our MCP,” said Caliendo. “We showed a presentation of what equipment and personnel we had.”

“It’s proof of concept,” said Lt. Col. Jeffrey Roth, deputy officer in charge of Task Force Spartan’s forces in Jordan, who spoke about the MCP. “It proves to our leadership that we can move our mission command systems in a contingency operation.”

Roth and Maj. Gary Barney, Task Force Spartan training and exercise team chief, expressed the team's appreciation for the opportunity to make the operation possible while showing their guests how we can operate on the move.

“Thank you so much for allowing us into your country for this operation,” said Barney, through a secure video conference system located inside the MCP. “We brought various staff sections like admin and personnel with us, and over three days, we set up equipment and mission command systems.”

“They [Jordan] are our host nation partner, and they have been a good host,” added Roth. “They supported us and built interoperability. Working with our partners, we can integrate with their systems and processes.”

Roth said the presence of the JAF allows for a sharing of understanding and encourages future partner nation participation.

“This showcases our abilities and demonstrates to our partners, not just in Jordan, our capabilities,” said Roth.

“We look forward to doing operations like this in the future,” added Barney. “We will work with our counterparts to do this again.”