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Congratulations on your assignment to United States Army Central, at Shaw AFB, South Carolina. We are most pleased to have you as a member of our team. You are joining an exceptional unit that performs its mission with skill and has great pride in its accomplishments.

Requesting a Sponsor is one of the most important pre-move decisions you will make during your transition. If you haven't done so already, please complete the Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet (DA Form 5434) by clicking the form in the useful links portion of this website, and email it to usarmy.shaw.usarcent.mbx.hhbn-sponsorship@mail.mil

Instructions for completion of the form are as follows:

1. Open form and save to your desktop.
2. Complete the form and save.
3. Attach the document to email and send to the following email address:

Upon receipt, your request will be forwarded to your gaining directorate and a sponsor will be assigned to assist you. We highly encourage you to visit the Shaw AFB and Fort Jackson websites located on the useful links portion of this site, to assist you in planning your move.

You are required to in-process Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, S1 before you sign in with your directorate. After you sign in, your section representative will assist you with the additional activities required for in-processing.

Signing In/In-processing

During duty hours report to the Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, S1, Personnel Administration Center at HQ, USARCENT on 1 Gabreski Drive, Shaw AFB, SC 29152 (COMM 803-885-8022/8047).

During non-duty hours report to the Access Control Services main reception desk at HQ, USARCENT and report to the Personnel Administration Center the next working day (COMM 803-885-8063/8064 or DSN 895-2510).

Soldiers must have the following documentation for in-processing:
• Soldier's Military Personnel File (201 file)
• DA Form 31, Leave Form
• Copy of orders
• ID card
• The normal duty uniform for USARCENT is the ACU (Army Combat Uniform).

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