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Through regional engagement and forward presence, U.S Army Central shapes and sets the theater to support operations; improve relationships, access and partner capacity; and deter adversaries while providing a mission command structure to execute Unified Land Operations in support of Combatant Commander directives.

Area of Responsibility

By the Numbers

500 million people

400 events yearly with our partner nations to build trust and interoperability

60 languages

20 countries

5 time zones

3 maritime chokepoints - the Straits of Hormuz, Bab el Mandeb, and the Suez Canal

1/2 of the world's gas and oil supplies

Birthplace of the world's two largest religions: Christianity and Islam


What We Do

Recent Highlights

2015 - Transfer Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve to III Corps

2014 - Transition Afghanistan

2013 - 15 major combined/ joint exercises

2011 - Drawdown from Iraq

2011 - Moved headquarters to from Atlanta to Shaw AFB, S.C.

2003 - Led coalition land forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom

2001-2002 - Led coalition land forces during Operation Enduring Freedom



Prevent conflict by maintaining credibility

Shape the environment through strong military relationships

Win, when necessary, our nation's wars

Plan for contingency operations

Conduct humanitarian operations with State Department, USAID, and relief organizations


Connect with our South Carolina neighbors





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